Marissa Weatherhead

“I have recently completed three residencies, the first was in Sa Taronja Andratx. Mallorca. the second in Joya Arte Ecologia , Spain and the third in Assisi Italy. During this time I worked on the progression of the theme ‘A Table in the Garden”.
The starting point was placing items on a table. Later two chairs pulled up to the table, as if set for a meeting. It evoked the idea of plenty and harvest and the possibility of conversation, intimacy and relationship with the positioning of the chairs. The garden setting alluded to harmony, growth, nurturing and abundance.

As I worked with this idea in different environments my response was forced to change and develop with each given situation. In Spain at Joya Arte Ecologia there was no garden, table or chairs, it was a barren environment so I looked to the earth as my table and drew the tiny weeds that grew amongst the stones in abundance. This in turn brought the importance of different shaped leaves and vegetation. It magnified small objects and let me develop this idea that the form and shape of objects is more important to me than making a walkable, rational sense of space.

In Mallorca the heat of the summer days and the parched earth offered a new investigation into textures which in turn allowed me a greater freedom with applying layers ,textures and the introduction of plaster as a medium in my work.
The result is that in the last 18 months my work has developed and progressed in application and ideas. I believe I have become more confident with my application and content and that the work is at an exciting junction with many possibilities of moving forward in the future.”