Mahlia Amatina

BIO – Mahlia Amatina, the Abstract Colourist, is a visionary and neurodiverse artist with an international background that inspires her passionate abstract art. With roots from lands afar, her artistic inspiration stems from the varied landscapes and flavours of her global travels. Amatina’s wanderlust and love of the world fuels her mission to strive for understanding and continued kinship with all earthly beings.

 Amatina developed her signature style of Abstract Colourism through her search to merge expressive colour with a narrative element. Painting intuitively from her own pulse of acute emotions, she creates storytelling through abstraction that transcends language and can speak to all. Using acrylic paint, oil sticks, Indian ink, and all manner of mixed media on paper and canvas, Amatina explodes through traditional boundaries of style and purpose.

 Mahlia Amatina’s work can be seen at both fine art venues and community venues, as she pushes for artwork to be experienced by a wider variety of audiences. Amatina’s work has been presented at the American Airlines #Imagine21 Exhibit in the US, Hermitage Gallery, Amsterdam, Hilton Hotel, Paris, Alliance Healthcare, Art Scope Gallerythe NHS, Epoch3 Gallery, Reading Town Hall, Jelly, Watlington House Hall, as well as the Whiteknights and Henley art trails.

 A passionate advocate for service and volunteering, both in her community and abroad, Amatina has volunteered with children’s arts organizations in Nepal, Lithuania, and more. Amatina recently took part in ‘Art on the Street’ in Maidenhead.

STATEMENT –  “My vision is colour. My heartbeat is rhyme. My mind expands with bursts of line, shape, and form. And my hands tell my stories.

I paint from an intuitive, visionary space, compelled to tell stories through art that can heal, transform, and transcend boundaries. With international roots and a passion for travel, my global understanding informs my artwork and fuels my desire to expand the experience of living.

Born into this life as a creative spirit, I’ve dedicated my life to connecting with humanity through creativity. Art imbues each moment of life, every cell of my being. This new passage came from an awakening to use art as my medium to continue the quest for meaning. The voyage continues.”






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