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Artists are continuously in exile, without abodes, their lives dotted with suffering and grief.

The world they capture in delightful language derives from pain and contradiction.
Art is thus by nature an exploration of a world impossible to achieve. Artists cannot exist in a stable reality, which would distance them from the lives and things the real world does not allow. As refugees, their work is a statement of asylum and a relinquishing of their nationality. Artistic work and life only is allowed them. A world allowing artists to live in safety has been never given to artists who must live in the ruins of reality. In this sense they can conceive an impossible world but unable to settle within the world. Constant movement and displacement is inevitable for artists.

What we can ask the artists who participate in this planning is what principle their work relies on internally and what artistic contact they have when they encounter other lives through movement. It’s very significant to look into the changes artists or refugees undergo when they pass through boundaries, and the subtle transformations in their artistic principles. They attitude toward the world does not change greatly through a short-term program, but it is obvious something inevitably changes due to their movement or contact with other cultures. In this sense, the matter of the space where artists execute their of great significance.

<Artist statement>

Imaging an Invisible Island
We must have all thought about our own existence and that of the world : how we and the world were made, how we came to be this way and how we will change

Then, how does the world change? If atoms accidently change their direction even a little, they will end up clashing with other atoms.
If these clashes occur at the same time in different places, the world, which is in good order, will face the danger of destruction.

Such a danger may confusion if the world collapses, but it will also be an opportunity to build a new world. Thus atomists focus on the features of atoms that start to break away from their regular flow without special reasons. Beings with contradictory properties that flow in a regular direction and that try to escape from their flow at the same time are atoms that constitute the world. These properties of atoms must be strongly working in people who imagine an empty future and change.

According to the Germany philosopher Martin Heideger, residence in not just occupying a place but realizing a life while living a place.
And it is to experience life fundamentally, and thus artists must voice their thoughts through such experiences. If we think of experiencing life fundamentally as am atom involved in its own movement, and that voicing one’s thoughts is the effect of a collision made by an atom, ‘art of residence and movement’can be understood as ‘change and acceptance’ Change is an accident and acceptance is the ability to recognized. An artists experience an artistic exclusive possession through movement and senses and accepts change. What must be changed and what must be accepted? This is an issue that the participating artists and program host must solve together.




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