Anum Ashraf

Anum Ashraf is a practicing visual artist who belongs from Karachi, Pakistan; and received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Anum has majored in painting and miniature technique; her thesis was in watercolors, and has continued to work in the same medium for the past year, showcasing her art pieces at various exhibitions and biennale’s, national and international including Bulgaria, Thailand, Italy, etc.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in painting, and have been working in the same media for a couple of years now. Basically the project I have been working on is nature based, it revolves around trees, the feeling and the impression nature makes on a person, it’s therapeutic for some; peaceful and serene. My technique is in watercolors with collage, from watercolor paper only, i use collage to give a relief sculptural feel to the painting, giving the bark of the tree a realistic feel, as if an actual piece of log has been pasted on paper. then the major part is the scale of the paintings, which has to be huge, if it has to make an impact on the viewer. In a place like Karachi (Pakistan) where life is so fast and theres only a handful of parks to enjoy the nature, this work brings the outside- inside a living space; trying to create peace and solace through vivid paintings. And I feel being at the residency will highly impact my work and my ideas, it will help in further polishing it, as interaction with the locals, and meeting artists from different parts of the world would benefit, especially the landscape around for some fresh photography and art pieces would definitely add a lot to my work.”