Luna Kol

Luna Kol born in Phnom Penh in 1970, fled Cambodia in 1975 with her family when the Red Khmers took control of the country.Landing in France, uprooted and confronted to a different culture, she finds comfort at drawing and painting. Art becomes her way to heal and express herself.Drawings of women and nudes forge the foundations of her expression before moving to abstraction.Her work retains an unbreakable bond with her history. Her paintings are based only on oil paint pigments. In her paint shop, Luna blend pigments, transform paint pellets into powder and then polish it. Often, she digs through multiple layers of paints to extract the initial colors and emotions deeply forgotten on the canvas.Her art follows no rules nor laws. This free-spirited artist translates her emotions through the power of colored themes that she gently make and break down.Tirelessly, she investigates shapes, textures. Plays with lights and shades bringing to her paintings an intense look of mystery leaving to each and every one’s imagination the interpretation of one’s own emotions.

“Extract light from shadow is the foundation of my work. I have to find the path through colors and matters to answer my questioning about the meaning of life. My paintings relate to a reflection about myself, question marks, emotions. I paint the same way I could write a music composition. I experiment my senses, I play with pigments, I look for shapes, volumes, sequences, frequencies, transitions.The overlay and blend of each layer of colors are telling a story that belongs to me; it is my archeology, the archeology of oneself. I express pain, happiness, sadness, moments of ecstasy, fullness of life and hope. All emotions that we experience.I write my never ending quest for freedom and sharing. I offer you these interpretations to help you feel the changes of your mood.”