Carlos Pileggi

“My work is a visual reflection on cultural and social phenomena that take place in contemporary life. My concerns contemplate notions of the everyday, the struggle for success, what success means, and what becomes valuable in life. The outcome is charged with humor and criticism.

The name Pulga (flea) was coined for publications created in fanzine format. These started as small works, meant to fit in a bag, inside books or in the back pocket of a pair of pants. The flea is also a great jumper, going from one host to another through a simple contact. Likewise, the publications produced have an informal means of distribution, comprising different stages of dissemination of ideas. Nowadays, Pulgas expanded from the fanzine, codex-bound format; they have become albums and interactive installations, and evolve to video, sound and other media.

The daily bombardment of information leads me to draw profusely, creating a personal archive. I translate this overwhelming amount of information into works that might show an “unfinished”, rugged visual language, that resonates with the aesthetics explored by punk fanzines published in the 1980s. By appropriating this visual language, and the fanzine DIY marginal network, I push my body of work outside the art space. By doing so, I establish tension between traditional notions of artistic work, the aura of the white cube, and my idea of a work of art which can be touched, seen and even brought home.

It is in the now that I find inspiration.”


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