Carmela Lorusso

In my works there is a very complex semiotic vocabulary continuous references to the remote past or the next, you can see various “quotes” is the archaic world with pre-Roman and early Christian forms. This mixture of languages is therefore looking implemented both classic themes such as the historical memory and myth, both to other purely twentieth century as the fragment and the union of space and time; Conjugation between past and present.

It is precisely the aforementioned conceptual and stylistic conjugation to taking me out of the strictly pictorial field oil on canvas, thus arriving at the trial of the ancient technique of encaustic medium reworked with belonging to modernity, as well as those that interact with iconography affected of modern times. “Demiurga” of forms, rifacendomi single to my imagination and not be relegated to strict philological schemes.

This creative and production process so can not be reduced to the banal
divertissement of references, but try to be inspired by art history.

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