Kavita Bedford


Kavita is an Australian-Indian writer with a background in anthropology, multimedia
journalism, and creative writing. She has a Bachelors degree in
Media and Communications (Journalism),  and has worked in the field of media and
social research for six years and graduated with a Masters in Applied

Her major themes of exploration dwell on place—drawing on how the
organization of space and architecture are connected with the politics and lived
experience of place and urban experience—and the perspective of the ‘outsider’
and migrant voices in literature.

She currently works as the Editor for The Point Magazine, an initiative from the
Australian Government to look at how international issues, like violent
extremism, are affecting multicultural communities. She also works as the Founder
and Creative Producer for a digital, community storytelling project, Mapping
Frictions: Stories from Western Sydney, which provides an alternative platform
for voices in a marginalised region in Sydney, Australia.

In 2017 she was awarded the Australia Council for the Arts Career Development Grant through which she is currently completing her first book.

Samples of published writing:


Going Down Swinging Literary Magazine

The Guardian