Diana Zrnic

In the content of art as a practice of research I want to make an art project dealing with subject of homelessness I usually deal with in a traditional medium of painting. I intend to visually study how people interact and react on a problem that is disposed right before their eyes. My research would be focused on the following questions: Can art be an educational instrument which empowers people through participation? As art offers the possibility of opposition does it at the same time offers the possibility of change? I am wondering about the effectiveness of art when dealing with serious issues like extreme poverty. The objective of my research is to explore if art can have any significant impact on people struggling merely to survive. Moreover, should art live up to such responsibilities in the first place? I intend to research power of influence of art within the extended notion of art through my project. I am interested in exploring my ideas within variety of mediums such as photography, painting, installation and performance. I want to explore the subject to the very core and then offer my solution to the problem through different mediums. On a provocative and direct way I would point my finger at the majority I am dealing with, seeking justice, sympathy and appreciation of every citizen in the country. Justice and care were always my starting points.