Seoyeong Park

“My work starts as a gesture in reaction to problems and challenges encountered in daily lives. Among numerous problems in life, I want to focus on communication and miscommunication and what they bring about when one fails to communicate. My initial interest on this idea have started while studying in foreign country, however, coming back to my home country, I have realized that the core of the problem is not the language, it is rather a complicated issue needed to be examined. After examining on my communication skill, I have realized I often fail to communicate effectively and true communication requires genuineness on both parts.

For this body of work, I investigate relationship between environmental factors resulting in my habitual miscommunication and by-products of such miscommunication. For the former part of the relationship, I recreate the space that influences my communication skill. For the latter, I collect traces of a situation where I am not fully engaged in communication, and the traces include shapes and forms created by continuous doodling while communicating with people simultaneously. Those shapes and forms are the results of unconscious mark making produced during my past art therapy session and later would be turned into paintings. Then, I bring the space and the painting together to create narratives.”