Kaitlyn Kelly

The reason I chose to pursue a life as a theatre artist was because of the transformative nature theatre possesses. A piece of theatre is never performed the same way twice, nor is the experience identical for each member of the audience. Theatre has the ability to be malleable and movable depending upon the constraints of time and space. This is a challenge, which has always been intriguing and exciting for me as I create new work.

I believe that a live event has the potential to evoke in an audience a deeper sense of connection to both others in the room, and to the world. It can unite and unify us. Thus, I strive to create work that showcases perspectives and ideas that might offer insight, and understanding between diverse groups of people. This is reflected within my solo work, as well as within the work with my company, Sundays and Mondays Theatre Collective. I aim to harness the uncertainty and unrelenting aspects of life, and put them on the stage by asking thought provoking questions, and sharing deep, personal stories. This was explored in our productions of Subject to Revision and Shallow Waters.

I have long demonstrated a fascination with using theatre as a way to deconstruct the rituals of every day life. This is what I am beginning to explore in my proposed project, Come As You Aren’t. Although the primary research for the project is filmed interviews, I don’t seek to replicate life on stage. I seek taking simple gestures and stretching them; suspending them; repeating them; and maximizing or minimizing them to unpack the meaning behind it. To examine the text by layering it in with movement exploration and sound design. How does humanity differ from one another? And in what ways are we similar?

One of my goals when working on a project is to allow room for mystery, so that both myself and my audience can continually be taken by surprise. In addition to that I am continually striving to stay curious, and be culturally and politically aware of what is going on in the world. I wholeheartedly believe that it is my job as an artist to create work that is reflective of the times.


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