Niko Garay

Niko Garay is a Latin American composer. He currently works as a composer, pianist and guitarist in different projects in Buenos Aires. Niko has performed in Argentina, Spain, Chile and Uruguay.

He has three albums: Un Viaje de Ida (2009), Italpark (2014) and Duermevela (2016). Niko has participated in the most important festivals of Argentina such as Personal Fest, Lollapalooza and Cosquin Rock. He participated as a composer in “Arriba los que luchan”, a documentary directed by Juan Mascaro in 2013.

Niko studied piano with José Luis Juri, Lolo Micucci, Mono Fontana and Matias Mormandi. He studied Guitar at the Astor Piazzolla Conservatory with Walter Ujaldon. He studied harmony with Juan Carlos Cirigliano and Juan Raffo.He is currently an piano accompanist at the Buenos Aires Dance University and a professor of harmony at Astor Piazzolla Conservatory. At the moment Niko is playing on the Alan Haksten Ensemble tour for Sweden, Croatia, Germany and Italy. He will also be in the residence of artists “Hanna” in Barcelona mixing a new album and studying piano.


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