Gerardo Granados

A Native of El Salvador Gerardo Granados aims to awe and bring to light the struggles and great accomplishments of the Americas he left behind.  With soft subtle messages inspired by the unjust cycle that El Salvador and the Americas have become a part of, Granados shows his feelings on these matters through his process while visually stimulating the eye.  With a background in medical and scientific illustration his attention to detail becomes clear in his series.

Son of  José Edgardo Granados Castillo, and Carmen Ivonne Roca de Granados, young Gerardo had and continues to have a loving home and shared his adventures with his older brother Josedgardo.  Due to an escalating civil war in the late 80s a decision was made to leave their home behind along with the violence, and unfortunately, their family.

As a teen he begun to show an interest in technical drawing, and drafting, this put him on a medical and scientific illustration track when he attended Virginia Commonwealth University.  His latest works were created by applying the meticulous methods of botanical, medical, and scientific illustration to his art.

Currently in Europe, preparing for Art Residencies,  Granados dedicates his time to his art,  family, and research.