Jae Wilkinson

“Specialising in illustration, I have always, since I can remember, hand drew everything by either using pencils, pens or paints. Then I would collage before moving it onto computer or leave is at it is depending on the brief. I enjoy these steps a lot as I am a firm believer in getting a sketch down before we move onto a digital process.

My work has been known as very vulgar or free thinking, when given the chance to be free, this is one of the things I have always explored and enjoyed. This is shown either though honest commentary about being a women or just generally someone who’s apart of society. Art is self expression that has no boundary’s and this is something I like to exploit and demonstrate to its full potential. My style variates from project to project, I can go from doing very clean work, to very punk zine inspired DIY culture work.” Jae Wilkinson.